High School


High School

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  • Please bring your 2019-2020 permission form with you!

  • All are encouraged to wear a dark or light color shirt so that the color powder shows better.

Discipleship Cells

The High School Youth Ministry Program at St. Gertrude is comprised of  Discipleship Cells. These single-sex grade-based small groups help foster deep friendships and an environment conducive to mentorship and a support in the spiritual life. The Discipleship Cells will be meeting every Sunday from 7-9pm at the parish. Each Discipleship Cell contains about 7-10 teens and are led by 2-3 trained adults.

Currently we are collecting preference sheets from all the teens in regards to Discipleship Cells. Please consider filling out a preference sheet via this link. The preference sheets are due no later than August 28th.


Discipleship Cell Reveal 2019.png

Get ready for it…The Discipleship Cell Reveal is going to be like nothing else!

  • We will start off with attending 12:30pm Mass together.

  • Afterwards we will have time to change into clothes that we can get sweaty and wet in there will also be some light snacks provided.

  • Then, each teen will set out on a scavenger hunt. At the end of the scavenger hunt, you will find the teens in your Discipleship Cell along with your adult Core Team Leaders!

  • From then, the Discipleship Cells will compete.

  • After getting hot and sweaty we are going to have some time to cool off with some water games.

  • Then we will close off with a cookout dinner!

An RSVP is required for this event for logistics and for the cookout. Please RSVP here!

***Everyone who attends the Discipleship Cell Reveal MUST have completed a Discipleship Cell Preference Sheet (see above).

Chaos - Fall Retreat 2019 Flyer.jpg

Come join us for our annual Fall Retreat. This is a great way to step away from the busyness and chaos. The weekend will be filled with adventure, prayer, friendship, etc! Space is limited so get registered early!

***Registration will open HERE on September 16th at 5pm.

A Bit About This Year’s Theme:

God has a history of making order out of chaos. In the beginning, He formed all of creation out of a dark void. In the Psalms, He makes wars cease, and there is stillness and peace in Him. In the Gospels, Jesus calmed the wild seas when the disciples were caught and afraid for their lives in a storm. Jesus’ very mission on this earth was to bring the order of redemption out of the chaos of the fall.

Jesus also took breaks from chaos. “Early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up and slipped out to a solitary place to pray.” After a day of preaching to the crowds, Jesus tells His disciples to go ahead of Him and goes up a mountain by Himself to pray. Jesus “frequently withdrew to the wilderness to pray.” A retreat is a break from the norm, an act of withdrawing. This retreat will lead teens out of chaos and distractions of daily life and into a relationship with God who can transform their chaos into something beautiful.

YOU Flyer Fall 2019.png


YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body cuts through the noise and introduces you to the truth about your body, your sexuality, and your unique call to love.

• You will learn the Theology of the Body and how to live in authentic freedom, love, and happiness.

• YOU provides the tools to navigate challenging topics, including gender, pornography, and same-sex “marriage.”

• You will learn what healthy relationships look like and how to live a life of sacrifice and discipleship. 

***Registration will open HERE on September 16th at 5pm.